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Round 1: An Overview, A Test

February 28, 2013

Virus Integration System Termination Application.

First things first, I hate Windows Vista. That just happened to come up while I was starting this blog, so think nothing of it other than the fact that I hate Windows Vista. It’s a blight on all of technology and we should never forget the horror it wrought upon us. On to business then.

For the purposes of my internet philandering, I am Rao. It’s not an arbitrary selection of nomenclature, for the record, nor do I advocate consuming planets in violet super novae. I do make use of the “red sun” link in Superman mythology quite happily though. I like astronomy and fiction so linking the two together is just a bonus. Stars are cool.

I like stuff. Everybody likes stuff, right? Occasionally I bake words together into loaves of interesting tidbits – but only on occasion. I once started a Cracked pitch, but fell away from that idea due to being incredibly self conscious and lazy. I may have forgotten my log in information. Don’t tell anybody though. I’m kind of hoping writing stuff in a semi-safe (this is the internet after all) arena will help me get over the paralyzing fear of people looking over my shoulder at what I’m writing. That’s exactly what it feels like when I know somebody is reading something I worked on. It’s creepy.

I’m a big fan of science – the methodology, the discoveries, the people behind it. I also read intensely on science’s bastard younger sister, religion. Faith as a concept intrigues me. I’ve never understood it or the people who have it. It’s kind of like a blind man living in a world of people who do nothing but talk about how everything looks. This area isn’t dedicated to either science or my religious studies, however, so don’t expect a zone of confrontation here.

If there’s anything pertinent I’ll likely add it to the “About” page. I’m still trying to figure out the ins and outs of this shiny new tool. In the meantime, I’m out.

Celestia is best princess.

~ Rao


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