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Round 6: If Not Anonymity, Seperation; Chicken

June 17, 2013

I took a pause today after remembering a tale from a wayward author with whom I once held a modicum of correspondence. He, according to the blog post at the time, was denied employ at a writing firm of some sort (I really don’t remember what the exact job was) because his would-be employers found some of his more erotic works online.

Time erodes my memory. He later claimed that something he had said was simply a draw for attention, but his posts were many and varied. I don’t recall if this was that thing. Nonetheless, I choose to draw wisdom from his fable.

If I could go back and create the online persona I use now as a whole and separate entity from my real identity I certainly would. I have a cool name and a pretty well designed pony avatar. But hindsight knows no mail carrier, and I have to settle for the next best thing. I’ve made the best attempt possible to clear my real identity from my online activities.

The only things I buy online are food, really, so the financial aspect is pretty simple. I have a single email for my online accounts, but I also used it for damned near everything else with the exception of games (I’m a sucker for Bloons Tower Defense). I also used it for YouTube, where I’m not always the most pleasant character. My very first email, likewise, is linked to who the hell knows what by now.

In preparation for any future issues, I’ve created a clean email for my real life stuff. The name is concise, professional, and leaves no traces to my prior activities. It is designated for professional contact alone; job applications and submissions, if I make it that far. My secondary email is now used for important things, like paying bills, ordering food, and that sort of thing. The elder account is now for juvenile tendencies and trolling. Hurray.

To the second part of the title: I’ve learned to make chicken. So far, it’s quite tasty. I have a small toaster oven thingy so I can easily do one or two pieces at at time. Very convenient, very versatile.

~ Rao


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