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Round 12: That’s New, That’s Not

August 3, 2014

New from Old

Hunger has often been a reliable force to get me out of bed. Recently, less so. I’ve had a rash of days where cooking, and even eating, were just too much damned effort.

“You’ll get hungry eventually,” you might think, and you would be correct. The thing about not eating for a long enough time is after a while you stop feeling hungry, at least for a little while. I haven’t tested the limits of this cycle, nor do I intend to do so.

Thinking back, I’ve experienced the “too hungry to care” effect when I was living alone. The prior experience was unrelated to a depressive episode, I think, and simply a matter of actual lethargy or laziness. I’m glad I’m not exclusively in charge of meals anymore. Insufficient food combined with a disregard for its necessity isn’t a happy combination.

New from Less Old

I’ve determined through rigorous personal testing two important data points. First, my sleep apnea is still something to worry about. In the last week I’ve woken up not breathing at least three times. It’s still pretty scary, but I’m handling it a little better. The second and happier point is that the wake ups seem to be less severe when I have my heart burn/ulcer/reflux under control. Perhaps there’s a correlation, perhaps not. I’d rather not take the necessary steps to test the connection in depth.

New from Not Old at All

Point the first: My super bestest friend forever is finally done with his contractual servitude in the military and is now wholly moved back home.

Now he wants to be a cop.

Point the second: I’ve gone a hair over one month with zero video game activity. I’ve accomplished some decent writing compared to my prior count. Withdraw symptoms are minimal now, though I’m having cravings after watching Matt and Woolie play Dark Souls 2. Shit that game looks fun. I’m holding out though. I’ll be okay.

Point the third: As above, I did a fair bit of writing in July without any video games to distract me. I finished preliminary work on a short story that’s been sitting in my to-do box since last summer. At present it clocks in at ~8,500 words, depending on which app is counting. Even the low ball estimate is a new personal record for “words pumped into a single narrative.”

I alternate between feeling really good about finishing the story and thinking it’s absolute shit that should never be seen by anyone ever. I think that’s partly normal though. I’m running it through one pre-reader who is familiar with the material before I ship it to my usual editor for the Grammar Nazi pass. After that it’s time to publish, woo!

I started working on another piece around the same time as this recent one. It’s next on my list and should be quite the enjoyable pain in the ass.

~ Rao


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