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Round 13: Son of a Bitch

November 10, 2014

My damned headphones broke. They work, but the plastic arch thing broke on either side. I managed to superglue the right side well enough, but the left is fucked. Can’t pull it out far enough to make it hold. Damn it all. Anyway…

What’s a few months between completely anonymous Internet dwellers, right?


Hasn’t been something I’ve been able to find. I even went the desperate route and applied for a different position at my old job, but nope. Nada. None of my employment avenues have panned out. Unrelated (re: completely on topic), GoDaddy is an asshole.

A friend of mind has a connection that we’re exploring. I’m hopeful. It would be nice to work somewhere without the risk of urinating children or angry customers. I don’t interface well with the public. Sweet, sweet manufacturing.


I submitted that bit of writing I did to, it’s not quite accurate but it’s the best word I have, publisher. Not a big, official publishing house or anything. Just an online “hey look, these people aren’t complete garbage” type of deal. I didn’t make it, but that’s actually pretty good news. More often than not rejections are just doled out with a letter and a “better luck next time.” I, however, was worth providing actual feedback. And boy, did I get a lengthy critique. It was really nice, actually. My work was torn into tiny little pieces—quite politely, of course—and I was given an opportunity to edit and resubmit. In order to fix my many errors I had to go back over some embarrassingly rudimentary English rules. I can’t believe how much I forgot about punctuation, grammar, and formatting.

It’s been about two months and I’m still working on the editing, but not without progress. I might, someday soon, see something I’ve written on the front page of a website with more than six viewers. I can’t imagine the sort of wicked high that would give me.


I fell off my no game bandwagon just short of the three month marker. I’m not particularly broken up about it. I said last time that I managed a ton of writing while I was on my hiatus. This is true, but I also learned that I can’t write for all my waking hours. I have to do something else to let my brain move in a different direction for a while. I felt bad about my need for other stimulus until I remembered that I’m not some sort of robot. Hell, Stephen King goes for walks and watches sports things. If King, notorious for being prolific, can have time away from his word processor then so the hell can I.

Of course, he’s a best selling author and probably not drowning under a mound of debt, so what the hell does he know? Yes, I know he comes from fairly humble means and struggled like everyone else. Shut up and let me have one joke.


I feel like I should have more to add, but nothing springs to mind. No news is good news, right? I’d rather have a short post than have to go on a thousand word tirade about a failed suicide attempt or something equally dramatic.

OH! I did get another one of my friends into My Little Pony. She thinks it’s really cute. I think it’s really nice having someone else to share them with.

~ Rao


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